What is Gender Cell?


IIT Bombay’s Gender Cell  is an institutional body which works towards promoting equality, nondiscrimination

and gender justice on the campus. It inquires into complaints of sexual harassment through its Internal Complaints

Committee (GC-ICC).. 

What kind of complaints does the Gender Cell address?

The Gender Cell’s Internal Complaints Committee inquires into complaints of sexual harassment through. Sexual

harassment includes any one or more of the following unwelcome acts or behavior: 

  1. Physical contact and advances; 

  2. A demand or request for sexual favors; 

  3. Making sexually colored remarks; 

  4. Sending, displaying or showing of pornographic material in physical form or through any electronic media; 

  5. Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature, and 

  6. Any other acts or omissions that are of like nature to the instances above. 

Who can contact Gender Cell for help?

Any student, faculty, staff member or a service-provider who is associated with IITB may contact the Gender Cell.

Any woman who comes to IIT Bombay for work-related reasons may also contact the Gender Cell. [ For more details read policy]

Who are PoSH champions?

PoSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Champions are motivated and empathetic IIT Bombay student volunteers who

can be contacted by students who may have experienced sexual harassment or discrimination, but may be unsure/scared/embarrassed

of what happened. They will help connect the aggrieved students to Gender Cell. PoSH Champions are trained and certified on identifying

sexual harassment, on the IIT Bombay policy on the prevention, prohibition and redress of sexual harassment and in supporting aggrieved

students with addressing their concerns sensitively. They have conducted 1st year orientation workshops on gender sensitization. The current

PoSH champions are listed under PoSH Champions.

How do I contact Gender Cell?

You may write to us at gendercell@iitb.ac.in and we will get back to you within 48 hours. You may also contact any of our student members

or PoSH volunteers. You may visit our office or call 5052 during office hours.

I am scared to approach Gender Cell for help because of the fear of my name becoming public. What should I do?

Utmost priority is given to confidentiality in Gender Cell. All the details and identities are kept confidential during and after the process.

I am dealing with an issue that is related to gender but  it does not come under sexual harassment. Can I still ask Gender Cell for help?

Yes. You can always contact Gender Cell for help. If we can’t help you, we will suggest where  you can get help.

I don’t know the person who misbehaved with me. What should I do in that case?

You may still approach us, but usually it is essential to identify the accused person. For example- if a person is harassing you via sending

vulgar pictures and texts from random ids, you should have the screen-shots of the chats and discussion.In any instance of abuse by a person

whose identity is not known, the Gender Cell with the help of other institute bodies will make efforts to identify the person to the extent possible.

If necessary, the gender cell will help you to file a case with the police. 

I am a victim of sexual abuse. When should I contact Gender Cell?

You should complain within 3 months of the incident. 

Is the Gender Cell the same as Women’s Cell?

IIT Bombay’s Women’s Cell was formed in 2002. With the enactment of the Institute's policy on sexual harassment,

the cell has been renamed the Gender Cell. The cell seeks to address complaints of all students,  regardless of their gender.

What does Gender Cell do towards creating gender amity in the campus?

Gender Cell frequently organizes training sessions, gender sensitization workshops and talks related to gender based issues for

faculty, staff and students.  We also organize painting competition, film screenings and other cultural events highlighting contributions

by women or related to gender issues.