22 Feb 2019
On 22nd February 2019, Professor Rohini Godbole gave a distinguished lecture in our Diamond Jubilee Lecture series with the title "Women in Science: status, goals and action plans". Professor Godbole is Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Bombay and has made outstanding contributions to fundamental scientific research, specifically the theory of elementary particle physics. She has been on the Board of Governors of IIT Bombay since June 2015. Her work has resulted in more than 300 research publications. She is very vocal about gender equity in scientific careers and has edited the book ‘Lilavati’s Daughters’, a biographical essay collection on Indian women scientists. Professor Godbole has been awarded the Padma Shri this year for her contributions in the field of Nuclear Science and Engineering. On this occasion, Director Professor Khakhar also felicitated Professor Godbole on being awarded Padma Shri. A more detailed sketch of her achievements is available at here.  


In her talk, Professor Godbole presented a summary of the situation of women in science in India based on two studies that have been conducted by the Indian National Science Academy as well as the Department of Science and Technology. She also discussed various schemes and action plans that have been put in at the governmental level, both before and after the above mentioned studies. She mentioned some of the mentorship programs that have been run by the Indian Academies of Sciences and books containing autobiographical sketches of Indian women Scientists that have been brought out. She summarised some observations obtained rom a survey called ‘Trained Scientific Woman Power: what fraction are we losing and why?’. All these studies identified goal posts for women in Science in India. Action plans to achieve those were discussed.